At a time when environmental issues and sustainable growth are fundamental questions for our society, the CELLUTEC Group protects your environment by applying a waste management policy that ensures that 95% of the Group's expanded cellular foam waste is recycled and reused. Non reticulated polyethylene foam (Ethafoam® range) waste is fully recycled through crushing and granulation to make polyethylene balls (4R link) Reticulated polyethylene foam (Plastazote®, XPE® and PA ranges) waste is reused (made into draining and impact absorbing compounds used in road subsurface coats).

Cardboard is 100% recycled.

The processes applied by the CELLUTEC Group do not release any emissions into the atmosphere nor do they release any effluent. As part of the European Union's packaging directive 94/62/CE, the CELLUTEC Group complies with Decree 98-638 relating to the heavy metal content in its packaging materials.